how to cook life skills real world krissy kristina johnson domestic wonderHi! I’m Krissy!

Welcome fellow kitchen magician! I’m Krissy, former frozen food queen turned foodie.

Thank you so much for stopping by my home away from home, Domestic Wonder. I hope you’ll find all you need to make meals magical!

As someone who once lacked any culinary skills, I know you can make mealtime easier than you ever imagined.

Were you or are you currently a picky eater?

I was, up until I went away to university. Unfortunately that meant I didn’t absorb any culinary knowledge from my German grandmother who would toile laboriously for hours making pierogi and cabbage rolls when she visited. Any grandmothers (or grandfathers) who want to volunteer for that job now, let me know!

Were vegetables or are they currently a foreign concept?

Salads growing up were tomatoes tossed with mayonnaise. That evolved into a love of iceberg lettuce dripping in Caesar salad dressing and overcooked chicken breasts. Now I make the meanest lemon caper brussels sprouts my 15 year old daughter craves among others.

Do you hold your knife correctly?

I didn’t learn this until I finally took a 12-week learn how to cook course at a cooking school from home chefs. This is where my culinary skills went to the next level and haven’t stopped improving since.

Can you be a better cook and eat better (and easier)?

100% yes! Even if it’s adding sautéed broccoli to store-bought mac and cheese. No matter what level you are at, where your tastes lie, and what your patience for the kitchen is, there is always something small that can make feeding yourself SO much easier.

How can I believe you?

Coming from the girl who relied on a regular meal of frozen chicken wings and fries, I know with every fiber of my being that you can be a kitchen magician and learn to prepare and enjoy more food at home.

What’s the secret to cooking better?

I have to say there’s not one. It’s one part honing your skills & knowledge and another part mindset. You have to learn to work with what abilities and culinary interests you have now, loose any guilt you have about what your skills and meals and BE CURIOUS.

Being a better cook doesn’t happen overnight. If you’re going to learn to enjoy it, it’s important to recognize that it is a process. Your kitchen journey isn’t going to look like anyone else’s and that’s OK. But once you find things that excite you and as you improve, there will be no stopping you.

Now get cooking!

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